Welcome to Colleen Bruce Coaching

I guide women in transition to find, fuel & follow their intuition so they can live their best life in this life!


Welcome to Colleen Bruce Coaching

I help spiritually awakening women find, fuel & follow their intuition!

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How Colleen Bruce Coaching can help you...

Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be…Until it wasn’t!

I know You, I was You.

And while I can’t change my journey or make it easier, I can help you co-create your future journey. Change is hard but staying stuck is harder. Awakening, Transformation and Transition can be scary & messy but your next life in this life is so worth your time & energy. It’s time to invest in yourself.

Colleen Bruce Coaching will help you find your inner you that was there all along through unique, experiential sessions and exercises developed for you and with you. This is not one size fits all coaching so if you’re ready to ditch the status quo, step out of your comfort zone and discover your magic sauce – I want to help guide you to reconnect with your purpose, find your path and create a plan.

It’s an Inside Job just waiting for you to……


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What Colleen Does

Colleen facilitates unique experiences. She allows Spirit to provide guidance and support the healing that is required by each individual she works with. Each session is unique and exclusive to each individual. Colleen provides a loving, caring, professional experience to all by ensuring they are fully aware, open to, and an active participant in their own personal growth.

If you’re in a place where you’re having the next chapter experiences, whether that’s feeling unfulfilled, wondering who you are, feeling like there is more to life or going through a big change like divorce or empty nesting, Colleen believes what you have been seeking has been lying dormant within you all along. It’s time to book a complimentary discovery call, so we can support your intuition, let your soul shine and let boundaries become your freedom.

Colleen is an accredited Advanced Crystal Healer, Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner, Certified Red Lotus Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Oracle Card Reader.


"A Healer does not heal you. A Healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself. "

Maryam Hasnaa

"Colleen, you are the best!! I was in such a weird place in my life last year after suddenly losing the love of my life, and since I reached out to you and you came to visit me, I've had nothing but specific doors closing, only to make room for the bigger doors that have been opening for me. You made our time genuine and I truly appreciated that.... cause that's exactly what a person needs at those moments in their life. We need more Colleens in this world."


Colleen is a master at holding space for you in her programs. She has a gift of helping you gain clarity, especially when you feel like you are talking but not where you are going with the conversation. I love that she has no rules and she guides you with ease and flow! Colleen is a gentle, beautiful soul.

Shawn R.

"Colleen's energy is so contagious and it was nice to be in the presence of someone so compassionate about sharing, teaching and healing."

Christine Fraser

"This program goes above and beyond. Colleen is able to introduce you to a world of wonder through this program, you will not regret all of the wonderful life changing information you will receive from this. Wonderful, wonderful program with a ton of information to get you on your journey.”

Janelle Watton

“I thoroughly enjoyed this program with Colleen Bruce. Her love and passion was evident. Thanks Colleen!!"

Joy Lalonde

Meet Colleen

I began my Crystal and energy healing journey in my early teens which followed me all the way throughout my children’s growing years. After raising 2 extraordinary daughters who were passionate about competitive dance, I found myself an empty nester who had been used to years of dance practice, school, travel for competitions, repeat...Shortly after becoming an empty nester, I was evacuated after the Fort McMurray wildfires wrecked havoc over the community.

These next chapter experiences inspired me to share my love of Crystals and energy healing to all that were open to taking their emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing to their greatest potential.

Colleen Bruce


My blog

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